Episode 03: Sustainable lifestyle: Live, Love & Laugh

January 22, 2022 Rahul Yadav Season 1 Episode 3
Episode 03: Sustainable lifestyle: Live, Love & Laugh
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to the Q-T.A.L.K.S😊💐

Our lifestyle plays a very crucial role in our life. The smallest actions we take in our life are so essential. Sustainable lifestyle is one of the important part of to have a fulfilling life.

Our toady's guest, Ms. Cathy Nesbitt is a Tedx speaker, health & wellness advocate, a motivational speaker and laughter yoga teacher. In this episode she share her journey, few ways to practice laughter yoga and to live a sustainable life😊.

Website: http://www.cathysclub.com
Worm website: http://www.cathyscomposters.com/event

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